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Builder's Risk 

The risk of property damage on a construction site is a significant concern for project owners, building owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors. This damage can result in severe, unexpected costs which can delay the building process or halt it entirely. Builder’s Risk Insurance (often referred to as Course of Construction, Construction All Risk, and Contractor’s All Risk Insurance) provides a specialized form of insurance designed to insure buildings or projects against repair or replacement costs while they are under construction and, in some cases, for a specified period afterwards. 


Vacant Property  

Coverage is designed to protect against financial losses relating to your clients’ valuable property investments during periods of short-term or long-term vacancy. Speak to your clients about the occupancy status of their investment properties in hopes of saving them from claim denial and out-of-pocket costs in the event of a loss. 


Flood Insurance  

Provides a base level of coverage that will cover your client’s business in the event of a flood. However, many businesses face significant repair and rebuilding costs which exceed the limits offered by the NFIP. In order to safeguard your clients against the financial harm of flooding, they need excess coverage that will help them recoup more of their losses when disaster strikes 


Primary and Excess Property 

It is important for your clients to routinely review and evaluate their current commercial property insurance policies against the real value of their asset. If their property is valued at more than what their policy states, then they should consider purchasing excess property coverage. By increasing their policy’s limits, your clients are assuring that their property is properly covered from financial risks. 



Apartment buildings are more than just a place for people to live – to their owners they are an investment and a source of income. From apartment fires to visitor injuries, owners can be held liable for costly repairs or medical bills. Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect against the financial strain brought on by unanticipated loss or liability. 


Inland Marine 

The commercial transportation or shipment of cargo can be a daunting task for operators. Regardless of the type of equipment or products you are moving, unforeseen perils can cause physical damage to the cargo. As a result, operators are exposed to a multitude of legal liabilities and can be left holding the bag for damages that occur while in transit. 

Inland Marine Coverage provides protection from the financial losses associated with property being shipped. 


Equipment Breakdown 

Equipment used as part of today’s business operations often relies on delicate electronic components that can break down easily and be costly to repair or replace. While property insurance covers damages to equipment resulting from external causes, like fires and earthquakes, a different type of insurance is needed to cover expensive equipment breakdowns as a result of internal causes such as mechanical failure, electrical short circuiting, or motor burnout. Having an insurance policy that covers against these types of damages helps protect a business’ finances and allows them to continue to serve their clients.